Specials May 18

Who doesn't love a snow day in May?! Take it slow today and ease into one of our specials!

On Medical ALL GOLD STAR strains are $75/$85 a half (member/non-member)

Gold Star Shelf: Cherry Diesel, TRUTH, Casey Jones, Headband, Moonshine Haze, Tangerine Haze, Tangerine Kush, Magik, Her Majesty's Ship, Gorilla Glue, Great Northern, and L.A. Chocolate

On Recreational get 2 grams of 14er Dry Sift Rosin for $80!

Rec Rosin Flavors: Moonshine Haze, Lost Tribe, TRUTH, Pre-98 Bubba, WiFi, Diagonal, Tang moon Haze, Acid haze, Durraflame, Hazy TRUTH, and 98 Flames

Make it Great With 14er!

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