Specials May 20th

Good Morning Boulder! We are happy to announce the arrival of 3 FRESH flower varieties on the Rec side. Moonshine Haze, Mamba DUD, and Strawberry Banana join the Tangerine Haze and the Lost Tribe!

Rec Specials today:

ALL 14er Dry Sift Rosin is on sale $50/gram or 2 for $80!

Dry Sift Rosins in stock: Moonshine Haze, Lost Tribe, TRUTH, Pre98 Bubba, WiFi, Diagonal, Acid Haze, Durrraflame, Hazy TRUTH, and 98 Flames

Spend over $25 and get a pack of Chill Pills HALF OFF

Spend over $25 and get 20% off ALL smoking accessories

Med Special today:

Casey Jones, Headband, Lucky Charms, Lost Tribe, and Tangerine Haze are on sale! $20/25 - 1/8 (Member/Non-Member) OR $75/85 - 1/2!!!

Buy ANY Ounce of flower and add a gram of Dry Sift Rosin for HALF OFF!!!

Make it Great with 14er!!!

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