Specials Saturday June 3rd

Good Morning to you all! We love being able to say we are PACKED FULL of wonderful strains on MEDICAL and RECREATIONAL!!!

Specials for the day!

Recreational: $45 quarters on all GOLD STAR strains

Acid, Tangerine Haze, Magik, Diagonal, Lucky Charms, Gorilla Glue, and Lost Tribe available!

TEIRS 2 for $80 OR 4 for $140!!!

Lucky Charms, Pre-98 Bubba, Acid Haze, Durrraflame, Straw Nana!

REC CHILL PILLS ARE BACK!!! Get'm while we got'm!

Medical: Gold Star Strains are on SALE $20/25 an eighth, $75/85 a half ounce or $150/170 an ounce!!! (M/NM)

TRUTH, HMS, Jamaican G, Magik, Casey Jones, Great Northern, Tangerine Kush, Cherry Diesel, Reno & Back, Headband, Lost Tribe, Gorilla Glue, and LA Chocolate available!

Dry Sift Rosin 2 for $60

Magik, Gorilla Glue, HMS

Make it an Awesome Saturday,

Make it Great with 14er!!!

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