Flowers Galore on Med and Rec with a side of sauce!

Both medical and recreational are stacked with wonderful flower and amazing extracts!

Med flower: Coal Creek Kush, Jamband, Lucky Charms, Malibu Pure Kush, and Ghost OG have arrived on medical!!!

Moonshine Haze, Tangerine Haze, Tangerine Kush, Lemon Chiffon, Magik, Lemon G, Lemon Face, Taffy, Diagonal, Great Northern, Headband, LA Chocolate, Wife, and Strawnana Berry!

Not feeling flower?!

ApothecaryExtracts Ambrosia is in stock at 14er!!! Lucky Charms, Coal Creek Kush, and Jamband flavors available!

Get 3 distillate cartridges on medical for $90/$100

Meanwhile on recreational!

Strawberry Banana, Magik, Moonshine Haze, Tangerine haze, Lost Tribe, Gorilla Glue, Lucky Charms, T.R.U.T.H., and Lemon G flower available!

Rec Live Sauce from Hightech Concentrates is in stock!! Get 2 grams for $100 today!

Diagonal, Star Dawg, Lost Tribe, and Lemon G flavors available!

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