Crazy flavor for thisThursday August 17th

Terps Terps and more Terps! The Essence has returned with more flavors than ever before! 6 varieties on the Med Side (Lemon Face, Lucky MUD, Heady Jam, Lucky Charms, Moonsine Haze, Gorilla Glue, and Coal Creek Kush) and 5 on Rec (Strawberry Banana, Gorilla Glue, Lost Tribe, Lemon G, and Lucky Stars)!!! $45 member/$50 nonmember or $60 Rec for a half gram!!!

Medical Specials: $120/$140 ounces on L.A. Chocolate, Great Northern, Lemon Chiffon, Ghost OG, and Lucky Charms!!

2 Cartridges for $60/$70 (m/nm)

Recreational Specials: 2 cartridges for $80!

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