Tuesday August 22 deals!

We hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse as much as we did! It's a beautiful Tuesday here in Boulder and we have flower specials on Medical and and a concentrate deal on recreational!

Medical Flower Special! Ghost OG adn Lemon Chiffon are $17/$20 an eighth, $65/75 A half, and $120/$140 an ounce!

Get 2 CannaTerp Cartridges for $70/$80

Recreational Specials! 2 CannaTerp Cartridges for $80 and 2 grams Dry Sift Rosin for $80!!

CannaTerp Flavors: Gorilla Glue, Lucky Charms, Strawberry Banana, TRUTH, adn Lost Tribe!

Rosin flavors: Hazy TRUTH, Magik Moon, Lost Tribe, Black Lemon, StrawNana, and Gorilla Glue

Make it Great With 14er!!

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