Monday Deals!Tropicana flower back on Med!

Start your week off right with a trip to 14er!!!

!!!Tropicana flower is back in stock on the medical side!!! This amazing flower joins the Tangerine Kush, Lemon Face, Lemon Chiffon, Gorilla Glue, Lost Tribe, Moonshine Haze, and Wife.

Medical Specials: $20 pack on Chill Pills with ANY eighth purchase! Ghost OG and Lemon Chiffon are $17/20 an eighth, $65/75 a half and $120/$140 an ounce!

Recreational Specials: 2 gram of Dry Sift rosin for $80 and/or $80 for a gram of CannaTerp Cartridge!!

Rec Flowers: Diagonal, Acid, Lost Tribe, and Gorilla Glue!

Make it Great With 14er!!

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