SaTuRdAy 10/7

Apothecary Lemon G HTFSE arrived last night !!! Lemon G joins the Cherry Diesel for the HTFSE

Med Special: 14er TerpEssence $30/40 Pre-Rolls are back!

Buy any eighth of flower and get a pre-rolled J for $5

Lost Tribe, Tropicana, Lucky Charms, StrawNana, L.A. Chocolate, Mamboe and Gorilla Glue J's available

Rec Special: 2 Grams of Green Dot white label Live Resin 2 for $100

Buy any eight and get a pre-rolled J for $7

Tangerine Haze, Lucky Charms, and Lost Tribe J's available

Fresh Frozen Live Resin, SHO (Rosin), and Bubble hash from Concentrate Supply Co. have arrived on the Rec side !!!

Make your weekend Great with 14er!!!

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