Fire Friday 11/17/17

LOST TRIBE LIVE SAUCE from Concentrate Supply Co. is on SUPER SALE! Med: $30/35 (member/non-mem) per gram! Rec: $40 per gram, or 4 for $150! On Rec:

Lost Tribe flower joins The T.R.U.T.H, Moonshine Haze, Wifi & Tangerine Haze

Fresh Live Sauce processed by CSC on Rec: StrawNana and Jack Herer join the Lost Tribe and Tangerine Haze!!!

Grab any of these flavors (sans Lost Tribe) for $50 a gram today, or 4 for $180!

Cartridges are also 2 for $90!

On Med:

We received a drop of some Lost Tribe & Great Northern flower which joins Tangerine Kush, Magik, Laffy Taffy, and Buckberry!

$40/gram Members, $45/gram Non/member: Live Sauces! (StrawNana, Lemon G, Diagonal, GG4 and Deadhead OG)

Cartridges are 2 for $70/80 (member/non-member)!

Essential Extracts is BACK!

-Diagonal: Rosin & Batter

-Blackberry Banana Kush: Rosin & Batter

-Chem Sour D: Batter, Rosin Sap & 70u

-Lost Tribe: Batter, Rosin & 70u

-Durraflame: Batter, Rosin, Rosin Sap & 70u

ALL JOINTS ARE $3 (med), $4 (rec)! 50% off 14er Terpene Essence!




10 cans = $2 Joint

20 cans = 2 J's for $4

40 cans = 20% off your whole order PLUS a 14er T-Shirt!

May we suggest:Baking Mixes, Flour, Aluminum Baking Tins for Turkey, Toilet Paper, Shampoo, canned chili, baby food, re fried beans, powder or evaporated milk, and soups.All of our donations will go to EFAA, Emergency Family Assistance Association! Please reference their website for an up to date list on what they need, so we can serve our community the best...

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