Black Friday sales all week!

Let's get the holiday started early with one of our wonderful sales!

REC SPECIALS: Strawnana and Jack Herer Sauce $35/g or 4g for $130! Diagonal flower is on special, $35, $65, $120 and $220oz. Cartridges are still 2 for $90 and ALL Joints are $4!

MED SPECIALS: Lemon G Sauce $30/35 (mem/non). Cartridges are 2 for $70/80 (member/non-member)! ALL Joints are $3!

New MED Rosin:

-Reno&Back, Magik, Banana Taffy, LA Chocolate, Tangerine Kush, Lemon G, Lucky Charms, StrawNana, Lemon G, Diagonal, GG4 and Deadhead! Essential Extracts: -Diagonal: Rosin & Batter -Blackberry Banana Kush: Rosin & Batter -Chem Sour D: Batter, Rosin Sap & 70u -Lost Tribe: Batter, Rosin & 70u -Durraflame: Batter, Rosin, Rosin Sap & 70u Fresh 14er Dry Sift Rosin: -Ghost of Malibu (Ghost OG, Hells OG and MPK), Grape Pie, Jamband and Banana Taffy! 50% off 14er Terpene Essence!




10 cans = $2 Joint

20 cans = 2 J's for $4

40 cans = 20% off your whole order, PLUS a 14er T-Shirt!

All donations will be going to EFAA! Let’s help can hunger!

May we suggest: Canned chili, baby food, re fried beans, powder or evaporated milk, soups, Corn, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, Cranberry Sauce (sauces in general), Olives (garnishes in general i.e jalapenos slices, artichokes hearts), Toilet paper, diapers, Pie crust and Flour.

We will NOT accept RAMEN!

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