Fresh Joint drop and Sauce specials!

Fresh round of Joint three packs have arrived at the store on Med and Rec and we are still stuffed to the gills with delicious sauces!

Med Specials: ALL Joint 3 packs are $12!!! Lemon G and Reno & Back Sauce $30/35g (member/non-member)

Diagonal, Deadhead, Lost Tribe, Taffy, and Chem Sour D 3 packs available!!!

Rec Specials: ALL Joint 3 packs are $15!!! Jack Herer, Tangerine Haze and Strawnana Sauce $35g, 4 for $130 OR 8 for $250! Diagonal $35 an eighth, $65 a quarter, $120 a half OR $220 a ounce!

Tropicana, Grimace, Moonshine Haze, TRUTH, and Foreign Policy 3 packs available!!!

Make it Great with 14er!!!

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