Make Friday Great with a trip to 14er!

Online pre-ordering now available at 14er for both Med and Rec customers! Place your order on Baker today and receive 10% off your purchase!

Go to and click on the Med OR Rec pre-order button, place your order online and we will fill it and contact you when it's ready. Order with ease from your couch, office or on the go! Don't miss out on your favorite strain!

Sign up in store NOW for text notifications and exclusive offers with Baker online pre-order system!

Med specials: Taffy and Lemon G sauces on sale $30/35g (member/non-member)

Pre-Rolled Joint 3 packs $12!

Rec Specials: Jack Herer, Tangerine Haze and StrawNana sauce $35g, 4 for $130 or max out with 8 for $250!

Pre-Rolled Joint 3 packs $15!

Make it Great With 14er!!

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