Don't forget your bus ticket!

Come join us this Saturday for 14er's FIRST EVER Loopr event!! We are so excited for this event!

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Start celebrating the Holidaze early on Saturday. The deals with be epic, the company fantastic, and as ALWAYS phenomenal product!!

The tickets are $14 which means the bus is your private swanky lounge all day long!! Download the Loopr APP and keep track of the bus throughout the day! Once you get to 14er you can go ahead and use your ticket for $14 off any $50 or greater purchase!

Don't miss out of this opportunity to experience all that 14er and Loopr has to offer while riding in style and supporting local businesses!

Loopr Bus Route:

The bus will be picking up at the Cheba Hut on Colfax in Denver at 10am then heading to the dispensary and then out on a loop around town. Stops will include the incomparable Phil Lewis Art Gallery on Pearl, Cheba Hut on The Hill and Under The Sun in South Boulder.

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