Apothecary Extracts is BACK on Med!

HCFSE (high cannabinoid full spectrum extract): Jamband, Lucky Charms and WiFi Ambrosia: Jamband, Lucky Charms, WiFi and Moonshine Haze Tons of Med flower available... Moonshine Haze, T.R.U.T.H., Lemon Face, Tropicana, Deadhead OG, Diagonal, StrawNana, Lost Tribe, and SFV OG!

SPECIALS! Med: Lemon G and Durraflame Cartridges are $35 per 1/2g cart!

Rec: Lucky Charms and StrawNana are $35 an eighth, $110 a half and $200 an ounce!

Make it GREAT with 14er!!!

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