It's Finally Friday!

We made it to the weekend you guys, hooray!! May we suggest you don't wait, debate or hesitate and come on by today!

Rec Flower Specials: Lost Tribe $25/eighth, $70/half OR $125/ounce

Lucky Charms, TRUTH, and today StrawNana $25/eighth, $70/half OR $140/ounce!

Diagonal, Magik, Gorilla Glue, Blackberry Banana Kush are $30 an eighth, $90 an half, and $160 a ounce!

Rec Sauce Special: Gorilla Glue and Lost Tribe by High Tech $25/g, $90/4g OR $175/8g

Rec Joints: Full gram Joint 3packs $22! All flavors are available! Foreign Policy, Blackberry Banana Kush, Lucky Charms Moonshine Haze, Strawberry Banana, WiFi, Magik, Lucky Charms, Lost Tribe, and Diagonal

Med Specials: 2 Quarter Gram CannaTerp Distillate cart for $35!

$25/g Grimace and Cherry Diesel Ambrosia

Joint 3packs $18!!! Deadhead OG, Jamband, Ghost OG, Hells Angels OG, and Diagonal flavors available!

Make it Great with 14er!!!

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