It feels like spring has sprung in Boulder so get outside, get some sun and get your shopping done today so you can get out and enjoy your weekend!

Rec Flower Specials:Lost Tribe $25/eighth, $70/half OR $125/ounce!

TRUTH $25/eighth, $70/half OR $140/ounce!

Gorilla Glue $30/eighth, $90/half OR $160/ounce!

Rec Joints: Full gram Joint 3packs $22! All flavors are available! Foreign Policy, Blackberry Banana Kush, Lucky Charms Moonshine Haze, Strawberry Banana, WiFi, Magik, Lucky Charms, Lost Tribe, and Diagonal

Med Sauce Special: Lucky Charms Ambrosia $25/g!

Joint 3packs $18!!! Deadhead OG, Jamband, Ghost OG, Hells Angels OG, and Diagonal flavors available!

Make it Great with 14er!!!

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