The weekend is right around the corner! Stop on by for one our great specials on Flower, Joints, Dry Sift Rosin or Chill Pills!!!

Rec Flower Deals: Magik $25/eighth, $70/half, $140/ounce

Foreign Policy $30/eighth, $90/half, $160/ounce

Rec Joint Deal: 1gram Joint 3 packs $22!!!

Rec Dry Sift Rosin Special: 2 grams for $80 OR 4 for $150! 8 FLAVORS TO CHOOSE FROM!

Chill Pills Deal: Buy a half ounce of flower and take $5 off a pack of chill pills! MED OR REC!!!

Medical Dry Sift Rosin Special! 2 grams for $70, 4 for $120! Tropicanna, Cherry Diesel, Lemon G, and T.R.U.T.H.!

Medical Live Sauce: Kong $25/g

Joint Deal: 1 gram Joint 3 packs $18!!!

Make it Great with 14er!!!

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