HUGE Concentrate drop MED and REC

HUGE, YUGE and way you say it it's BIG! The wait is over both medical and recreational are stocked to the tippy top with concentrate!

Medical Apothecary Extracts Ambrosia

Deadhead OG, Coal Creek Kush, Mamboe, Moonshine Haze, Taffy, Strawberry Banana, Malibu Pure Kush, Chem Sour D, Laffing Gas, Headband, Grimace, Great Northern, Blue Dream, Tropicana,

Medical Apothecary Extracts HCFSE

Strawberry Banana, Mamboe, Headband, Taffy, and Deadhead OG

Medical 14er Dry Sift

Jamband, Ghost OG, Gorilla Gluen Deadhead OG, Tropicana and Durrraflame

Recreational CSC Live

JUST ARRIVED: Grimace, Lucky Dread, Tropicana, Moonshine Haze, Lucky Charms, Durrraflame, D.J.C.

Sauce Specials: Strawberry Banana $25 a gram

Jack Herer and Gorilla Glue is $35 a gram

Recreational CSC Live Rosin

Tropicana, Blackberry Banana Kush, Lucky Charms, T.R.U.T.H., and Lost Tribe

Concentrate harder with 14er!!!

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