Monday, September 10th

REC FLOWER SPECIAL: Blackberry Banana Kush $25/eighth + Sour Kush & T.R.U.T.H. $35/ eighth - $120/ half! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!

REC Sauce Special: Moonshine Haze and WiFi $25/G (Nomad), Mamboe (CSC) $25/G!

CSC - Shooting Star, Grimace, Chem Sour D, Blackberry Banana Kush, Conspiracy & GG4 $35/g!!

$140 4 gram buckets of Foreign Policy!

4g Sauce Buckets: Mamboe $100 + GG4 $140

BRAND NEW CSC DROP! OG 18, WiFi, Tangeberry Blue, Pre-98 Bubba, Ghost Lake, Sour Kush, Cherry OG, Moonshine Haze, Reno & Back, Chem Fire, D.J.C. and Chem Sour D!!

NEW 0.25g Disposable Pens: Strawnana, Lost Tribe, Lucky Charms, TRUTH, Lemon G, GG4, Jack Herer, Moonshine Haze & Grimace!!

NEW 0.5g CANNA-TERP CARTRIDGES: Jack Herer, Lucky Charms, Lemon G, Lost Tribe & Casey Jones!!


MED FLOWER: Ghost OG, Headband, Wife (high CBD) & T.R.U.T.H. join Lemon Face & Mudslide!!

Make it Great with 14er!

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