14er food drive starts tomorrow!

14er knows you CAN make a difference to our friends and neighbors this holiday season with the annual 14er CANNED FOOD DRIVE!!!

This year with your help we are going for a record! We are asking for a variety of canned foods for the next two weeks! We are looking for hearty and healthy meals for those less fortunate then yourselves. If you would not want to eat it, maybe you shouldn't donate it?! The list of unacceptable foods will be listed below. NOW FOR THE FUN PART!!!

Bring ANY 14 canned food items FROM THE APPROVED LIST BELOW and get ONE eighth of StrawGuava, Celestial, Shoting Star, OR Maz-Paya FOR $14!!! (TAX INCLUDED) OR GET ONE GRAM of the Lemon G , Moonshine Haze, Lucky Charms OR Jack Herer for $14!!! (TAX INCLUDED)

UNACCEPTABLE FOODS: Any expired items, ramen, and instant soups, 14 cans of the same thing, garnishes i.e. cranberry sauce, gravy, chopped olives, artichoke hearts etc.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Canned chili, canned hearty soups, spaghetti boxes, baby food, peanut butter, and boxes of rice.

NON-MEMBER MED PATIENTS! Bring in 14 cans and you can shop on medical for the day!

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