Sunday, November 18th

Less than a week to participate in our awesome food drive!! $14 can or gram for 14 quality canned items! Check below for details!

REC SAUCE SPECIAL: (CSC) Blackberry Banana Kush & Chem Sour D $25/G, (NOMAD) Moonshine Haze $25/G, 4 for $90, or 8 for $160! (HOH) Gorilla Glue, Cherry Mamba, Lost Tribe, Moonshine Haze & DJC $25/g, 4 for $90, or 8 for $160

REC FLOWER SPECIAL: Reno and Back, Celestial & Special Crush $25/ Eighth + Chem Sour D & Grimace $35/Eighth!

HALF OUNCE NUG BUCKETS: Tangerine Haze, Conspiracy, Moonshine Haze, Chem Sour D, Grimace & Shooting Star

MED SAUCE SPECIAL: ANY AMBROSIA $25/G or 4g/$90 - 8g/$160!Buy TWO Chill Pill packs and get 50% off!

14er CANNED FOOD DRIVE!Bring ANY 14 canned food items FROM THE APPROVED LIST BELOW and get ANY EIGHTH or GRAM of YOUR CHOICE for $14!!! (TAX INCLUDED) THIS MAY BE REPEATED UP TO YOUR DAILY LIMIT!!! i.e: 28 Cans = 2 x $14 Grams or Eighths!!!

MED PATIENTS 14 CANS GETS YOU ANY GRAM or EIGHTH for $14 OTD!!!NON-MEMBER MED PATIENTS! Bring in 14 cans and you can shop on medical for the day!

UNACCEPTABLE FOODS: Any expired items, ramen, and instant soups, 14 cans of the same thing, garnishes i.e. cranberry sauce, gravy, chopped olives, artichoke hearts etc.WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Canned chili, canned hearty soups, spaghetti boxes, baby food, peanut butter, and boxes of rice

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