Friday December 21st

REC FLOWER SPECIALS: Conspiracy, Foreign Policy Magik, & Special Crush $25 eighth! Boo Kush, D.J.C. Strawberry Banana & Mamboe $35 an eighth! Quarters of Lemon G are $50!!

ALL 3 Pack Pre-Rolls $18 OTD: Magik, Lemon G, Blackberry Banana Kush, Wi-Fi, Moonshine Haze, Mamboe, D.J.C., Foreign Policy & Lost Tribe!!

REC ½oz Buckets: Grimace, Moonshine Haze , Shooting Star, Conspiracy, & Foreign Policy !!!

REC SAUCE SPECIAL: (CSC) Lemon G and Chem Sour D $25/G and 4 GRAM BUCKETS for $100!! Strawberry Banana (HOH) $25/G

MED SPECIALS: Med Ambrosia:Great Northern, Lucky Charms, and Jamaican Skunk 1g/$25, 4/$90 8/$160

All 3 pack MED pre-rolls are $15!! Lucky Charms, Blackberry Banana, Sweet G, Deadhead OG, and Star Tribe!

Med Chill Pills: $10 FOR ANY PACK!!

Med Flower: GHOST OG $120/oz

MED FLOWER DROP! Green Crack, T.R.U.T.H., Jamaican Skunk, AND Great Northern!

14er Clothing Drive! What we are looking for!

WASHED, gently used winter coats for women, children, and men. (we will not accept unwashed coats). We need HEAVY winter coats so please no pullovers or hoodies!

Gently used children's winter boots

New set of hat and gloves

And to say thank you for your awesome donation, for every clean gently used coat and/or pair of children's boots you will get a $14 you call it eighth or gram of sauce ! For every new set of a hat and a pair of gloves you will get a $25 you call it eighth or gram of sauce!Help us bring some warmth and comfort to those less fortunate this holiday season!!! Make it great with 14er!!

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