Wednesday, January 16th

Double Bucket Deal!!! Buy any Flower Nug Bucket and any 4gram Live Resin Jar for $180 OTD

REC FLOWER SPECIALS: Foreign Policy, Conspiracy, Shooting Star, and Blackberry Banana Kush $25 EIGHTH!!! Chem Sour D, WiFi, Moonshine Haze, & Grimace $35 EIGHTH!!!

Lemon G Quarters $50/ $90 Half Ounce!!!

ALL 3 Pack Pre-Rolls $18 OTD: Magik, Lemon G, WiFi, Foreign Policy, Durraflame, Grimace, and Lucky Charms!!

REC ½oz Buckets: Shooting Star, Moonshine Haze & Conspiracy!!!


CSC - Chem Sour D & Magik $25/g

HoH - Honey Bees -Lemon G $25/g - 4g/$90 - 8g/$160

HoH - Lemon G 4G Honey Bucket $100

BRAND NEW REC GENETICS! Very limited quantities of Kosher Kush and Golden Glue ( Kosher X G.G.) now available! We also have Wedding Cake, Papaya Taffy, GMO, Taffy Cookies, Kosher Taffy, Dreamwalker, LB OG, !

MED SPECIALS: Med Ambrosia: Magik & Lemon G $25/g, 4g/$90 - 8g/$160

MED 20:2 Chill Pills are Back In Stock!!

All 3 pack MED pre-rolls are $15!! Lucky Charms, Blackberry Banana Kush, Sweet G, Deadhead OG, and Star Tribe!

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